SCP 3008

SCP 3008

Valeriia Vorobeva
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Game overview

Survive in an infinite SCP shopping center and avoid human-like creatures during the day and aggressive monsters at night. Attention to sounds is key.

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Step into the SCP universe and survive the dangerous maze of SCP-3008 shopping center. Hear every sound and react accordingly to overcome various obstacles!

The sprawling retail outlet was once a part of a popular civilian furniture chain. But it now serves as a hiding place for a feared monster. Once you enter through the main entrance and lose sight of the doors behind you, you'll find yourself transported to a different location. With unauthorized entry strictly prohibited, attempting to return becomes quite challenging.

The vast area inside SCP-3008 is similar to a furniture store but its capacity defies physical limitations. Laser range finders suggest that the space is immeasurable. The facility has hundreds of trapped civilians. Stranded since its inception, they've formed a primitive society comprising of settlements and fortifications that keep them safe from the monster.

Be wary of the humanoid creatures, SCP-3008-1, lurking in the zone. Although they resemble humans, their proportions are exaggerated with varying physical traits. With no facial features and dressed in yellow shirts and blue trousers, they appear like store employees who have lost their sense of identity. Fluctuations in the realm alternate between day and night, influenced by the ceiling lighting of the shopping center. During the nighttime, everything turns hostile, and your instincts become your only savior against the aggressive individuals.

The establishment was taken over by the Foundation and turned into a zone. All access to and through the zone is sealed, and the entrance is under continual surveillance to prevent unauthorized entry. Visiting the monster while doing authorized research requires the supervising scientist's clearance.

Get ready to embark on a unique adventure filled with surprises and challenges at every step. Hear, watch, and react with precision to complete your mission and ensure your survival!
Valeriia Vorobeva
Release date
Mar 03, 2020
Single player


DaveyLikeGamezfrom Skich app
Gets boring after 2 minutes, map is small and not very well made...

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