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Scary Child

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Game overview

Face the dangerous Scary Child, a ghostly killer who takes on the form of a child's doll. Collect items, find keys, and defeat him one room at a time.

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Welcome to the Haunted House! Are you brave enough to face the terrorizing child? Once, there was a notorious killer who operated at night, stealthily crept into homes, and preyed on his victims. He was pure wickedness, with a heart full of malice. After every kill, he took a keepsake as a remembrance of his victims. However, he met his end when he was run over by a car, and his keepsake - a child's doll - was left behind at the scene. Little did anyone know, the ruthless killer had infused his soul into the toy, thus reborn. In this game, the scary child will appear in two forms: as a doll and as a ghost, which makes confronting him even more challenging. The killer doll can bite, kick, scratch, and inflict harm - just like his human form. The goal is to free the child from the ghost by conquering each room, which undoes the magic that haunts the entire house.

As you progress through the different levels, you can collect various items to be stored in your inventory, and you can use them to progress further. Beware, though - if the Scary Child bites you, you're as good as dead. You can always relive the level through the restart feature. The game gets more exciting as you search for keys to unlock the doors to the different rooms of the haunted house, completing each mission step by step. Be mindful not to make too much noise - the Scary Child is perceptive and can hear you. Your ultimate mission is to conquer this evil spirit, but it's no easy feat.

Are you ready for the challenge that awaits you in this 2018 horror game? Get ready for the following features: challenging missions, a genuinely horrifying environment, hints to help you achieve your goals in each level, collectibles to gather for use in completing your mission, keys to unlock doors to specific rooms, and creepy sounds that will send shivers down your spine. Good luck!
Z & K Games
Release date
Apr 11, 2018

Gameplay & Streams

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