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Enter the Great Pyramid of Ra, face challenges, and search for the Talismans of Ra in this updated, retro-style classic adventure game.

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Unleash your inner archaeologist and embark on a thrilling journey through the intricate mazes of the Great Pyramid of Ra! With each level presenting a larger, more intricate maze than the last, you'll need every ounce of your wits and cunning to solve them. As you progress deeper into the pyramid, you'll encounter relics left behind by previous but unsuccessful expeditions, including valuable tools and supplies. However, be wary of the myriad traps waiting to ensnare the unwary traveler, as well as the fierce beasts and dreaded Guardians who haunt the innermost sanctums of the pyramid.

This faithful recreation of the legendary 1987 shareware classic features retro-styled graphics and gameplay that will transport you back to the golden age of gaming. But that's not all - we've also added a host of optional new game features to make your adventure even more exciting. Discover new tools and hazards as you navigate the twisting corridors of the pyramid, and tweak the Animal Ferocity and trap danger settings to your liking. Whether you're a veteran player looking to relive the past, or a newcomer to the franchise, Great Pyramid of Ra has something to offer everyone. So what are you waiting for? Dive in and uncover the secrets of the ancient Egyptians today!
Semicolon LLC
Release date
Jan 26, 2022


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