GamesSave the puppy: Pet dog rescue

Save the puppy: Pet dog rescue

Game overview

Draw lines to save cute dogs from bees and solve brain puzzles in this addictive and relaxing game with hundreds of surprising solutions.

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If you're looking for a fun and challenging brain puzzle game that's addictive, then Save the Puppy: Pet Dog Rescue is the one you need. The gameplay is simple, yet there are hundreds of ways to solve each puzzle. All you have to do is draw lines on your screen to save the adorable dogs from harm.

To protect the cute pup from the bees, just tap to draw one line and lift your finger once you're done. Be careful not to hurt the dog while drawing the line. It's fascinating to know that each level can have multiple solutions that are surprising, interesting, funny, or even unexpected.

Save the Puppy: Pet Dog Rescue boasts of various features, including an addictive and relaxing game environment that is perfect for animal rescue enthusiasts. It's also entertaining and a great way to kill time. You'll love the simple, smart, and fun puzzles in this game, and drawing lines to save the puppy is exciting.

The game has a simple physics system which makes it easy to play and improve your drawing skills. The graphics are cute and stunning, and the sound is funny. Save the Puppy: Pet Dog Rescue is a game that challenges your creativity, with hundreds of puzzles to keep you entertained.

In the game, you get to take your line drawing skills to the next level as you save the cute man from bees. You have to avoid hitting any of the bees, or it's game over. You can also play alone or with family and friends.

If you're up for the challenge, then this is the perfect game for you. There will be more than 150 levels of draw games, so stay tuned for new levels and modes. Your feedback as a player is valuable, and the developers welcome your recommendations and suggestions to make the game better.

In summary, Save the Puppy: Pet Dog Rescue is an addictive, fun, and challenging game that gives you a great gaming experience. Your mission is to protect the cute dog from harm by drawing lines on the screen. With a simple physics system and cute graphics, it's easy to play and perfect for game enthusiasts. Why not take the challenge today and have fun saving cute puppies?
Release date
Oct 01, 2022

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