GamesSave Her From the Zombies!

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Protect your sister and three girls from zombies in a haunted mansion. Survive together in "Save Her from the Zombies!

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In "Save Her from the Zombies!", you find yourself stuck in a mansion with hordes of flesh-eating zombies. As the protagonist, you are responsible for rescuing your younger sister Aiko, who is the only family you have left. But, as you explore the mansion, you also discover three other girls who need your protection: Miyu, Kairi, and Valerie. With their lives on the line and no escape in sight, it's up to you to survive and lead them to safety.

Miyu, one of the girls trapped with you, is a loving and caring person who always has your back. However, her kind and gentle nature might put her in harm's way. It's your responsibility to keep her safe and show her the light amid the darkness.

Kairi, another girl in the mansion, is a tsundere who tends to act like she needs no one. Though she appears tough and self-reliant, she's actually fragile and shy. You must protect her from the zombies while also providing emotional support to help her overcome her insecurities.

Valerie, a skilled kendo master from your school, entered the mansion alone to save Miyu. She is a strong fighter, but her emotional strength might not be as substantial. You must provide her with the support she needs in her time of need, and she'll have your back in return.

In "Save Her from the Zombies," it's up to you to stay alive and protect the girls you love from certain death. Will you be able to find your sister and lead everyone to safety? Only time will tell.
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