Save Her From the Zombies!

Save Her From the Zombies!

Genius Studio Japan Inc.
Visual Novel

Game overview

You're trapped in a mansion infested with zombies... Will you be able to protect the girl you love from certain death?!

You’re a high school student living with your younger sister Aiko. Both your parents were killed in a accident leaving her as your only blood relative. She means the world to you, but recently, she says that she feels like someone is watching her. You brush it off as just her being a little too self-conscious… If only you knew what was to come...

One day, Aiko is late coming home from school. Worried, you head out to search for her and eventually find yourself at the doorstep of a decrepit mansion in the woods. Could she really be in here?

You step inside only to find that it’s infested with zombies! You somehow manage to escape being eaten alive, but you find out you’re not the only human. Three cute girls are trapped in the mansion alongside you and you must work together to survive!

With seemingly no escape, will you be able to find your little sister and protect the girls from certain doom?! Find out in “Save Her from the Zombies!”


No matter how dangerous things get, Miyu’s caring nature never falters. Her kindness is a blessing to you, but even an angel like her has issues… Issues that might get her killed if you’re not careful. Will you be the one to rescue her and bring her into the light?

Tsundere is the term many would use to describe this girl. She found her way into the mansion in search of her special “friend” and has a tendency to try and do everything on her own. This leads many to believe she’s strong and independent, but she’s actually quite fragile and shy. Now it’s your duty to protect this delicate soul from the hordes of zombies.

Valerie goes to the same school as you and is a skilled kendo master. This brave girl entered the mansion alone to save Miyu, her best friend. Her kendo skills allow her to keep zombies at bay, but she might not be as strong on the inside as on the outside. She needs someone like you to give her emotional support. In return, she’ll have your back when you most need it.
Genius Studio Japan Inc.
Release date
Visual Novel
Single player