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Ultimate strategy game 'Romance of the Three Kingdoms: The True Battle' offers a fair and innovative battlefield for players to lead their armies to victory.

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The game known as "Sangokushi Senki" has reached a milestone of 50 million downloads worldwide, and is now set to release in Japan under the title "Sangokushi Shin Senki" (The True Battle) .
While the "Sangokushi" series has always been a strategic game, this latest installment aims to provide the ultimate experience in strategy and fairness.

Players can expect to encounter familiar gameplay mechanics along with an evolved level of strategic combat.

For here, everyone must start on a level playing field.
There is no "pay-to-win" through using resources and soldiers. Victory must be achieved through wits and guile to reach the pinnacle of strategy!

【Fair Battles】
"Sangokushi Shin Senki" provides realistic warfare based heavily on actual historical locations and scenarios.
Players cannot make in-game purchases for resources such as lumber, stone, iron or food, nor can they purchase any items to speed up resource, soldier, or time acquisition. Simply put, a player's skill in strategy will dictate the outcome of their battle. This system of fair play is what makes the game stand apart from others.

Strategy is everything, so come prepared to battle fairly!

【Realistic Terrain】
The landscape and geography of ancient China has been painstakingly recreated for this game, meaning realism is a key feature in "Sangokushi Shin Senki".
Players cannot cross mountains or rivers without conquering specific locations. If the enemy holds a key location, such as by the harbor, they can pin down thousands of opposing soldiers. Furthermore, strategic knowledge is essential to determine when to use fortifications, towers and other structures. Players must use the terrain to their advantage, make deals with traitors or simply adjust their defenses to win!

【Encountering the Enemy】
When players encounter the enemy on the same tile, the battle begins instantly!
Players can predict the enemy's route and use this information to establish defensive lines or disrupt their movements. Stamina as a unit's morale decreases as they march long distances, which will not only affect their strength but also their morale, resulting in a significant impact on their battle abilities. Players can dominate their opponents with their knowledge of "stamina" and the rule that "battle begins when encountering enemies."

【Various Formations】
The relationship between different troop types, such as spearmen, cavalry, shield, and bowmen remains a crucial element in "Sangokushi Shin Senki". There are also powerful "weapons" that are useful for conquering castles, but are disadvantageous against various troops. Players must select suitable soldiers and troops, taking into consideration each character's status and skills based on the Three Kingdoms' historical background. The combination of different soldiers and tactics can make battles unpredictable and exciting for players!
Whether you prefer seeking a more excellent winning rate with a massive army or seeking more advanced strategic gameplay with a smaller army, it's all up to the player!

【Ultimate Showdown】
"Sangokushi Shin Senki" features an alliance-based gameplay with unparalleled quality in this regard. In each season, players can raise joint armies and conquer territories alongside their allies. Players can experience a massive battle between two hundred warriors against two hundred opposing soldiers with all its glorious intricacies.
From intelligence gathering and engineering, to ambushes and diversions, players must work together in order to bring every ounce of wisdom to bear in order to claim victory in this epic battle for supremacy!
Build the mightiest army and unify the land to become the ultimate ruler!
Qookka Games
Release date
Mar 16, 2021
Single player


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