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Sandbox Zombies is a fun, limitless zombie sandbox simulator with over 10 unit types, a wide arsenal of weapons, and endless interactive possibilities.

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Sandbox Zombies is a unique and enjoyable zombie simulator game that is more of a toy than a traditional game. The primary objective is just to have fun. You can get create by placing units, spawners, terrain, turrets, and much more. Observe the chaos as they engage in a fight to the death in this interactive sandbox!

This game gives you the freedom to create your own levels with bizarre scenarios and wars, in whichever way that you choose! Manifest a zombie outbreak and compel humans to survive against an army of infected. Alternatively, you could generate a four-way war between various human factions. Let ninjas battle it out against vampires and werewolves, or even create a holy war between angels and demons. The options are infinite in this sandbox level creator.

With over ten unit types to choose from, you get to select between zombies, humans, vampires, werewolves, angels, demons, ghosts, mummies, and ninjas. Moreover, you have a comprehensive arsenal of weapons to choose from. From flamethrowers, blunderbusses, shotguns, snipers, rocket launchers, mini-guns, paintball guns, to teleporters and mind control guns, you have them all.

Sandbox Zombies is an ad-free game that only requires an optional one-time purchase for exclusive bonus content. Start playing now and experience the creativity and freedom that the game provides!
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