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Discover secrets of ancient Egypt in Sand, a puzzle game and adventure with stunning artwork, challenging puzzles, and a rich story.

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As the renowned archaeologist and explorer, Leo Parker, you are working in Giza excavating treasures for the British authorities in the 1920s. Just before you’re supposed to return home, you hear about a newly discovered tomb, which will lead you on an incredible journey of self-discovery and ancient revelations.

Sand is an intriguing combination of adventure, puzzle, and graphic novel genres, set against the enchanting backdrop of Egypt. You will solve puzzles and uncover clues, following the story of the long-dead Pharaoh Anat throughout various Egypt-themed locations, from ancient tombs to stargazing on the desert. Delve deep into hidden mysteries, barter with merchants, traverse complex structures, and journey back in time to experience ancient Egypt yourself.

This game features beautiful hand-drawn artwork that brings the world of Sand alive. The narrative is rich and layered, offering an immersive experience that will captivate you from start to finish. With challenging puzzles to solve, detailed hints to keep you on track, and an easy mode for when you’re feeling overwhelmed, the game boasts an intuitive inventory system that makes navigating the game a breeze.

Sand is optimized for the latest devices and boasts a unique, alternate-history story that will leave you wanting more. Best of all, you can start Leo’s adventure for free!

Whether you’re a seasoned fan of adventure games or new to the genre, Sand is a must-play. Explore the wonders of ancient Egypt, uncover hidden truths, and discover the answers you seek in this mesmerizing game.
Release date
Jan 26, 2023



Good but I was only able to play the beginning I had to buy to play the full version 🙄

Man123Man123from Skich app

Worst game ever, it takes to long just to click something on the level and the game after 5 min off playing doesn't let you play unless you pay???? Like wtf are you guys doing????

BatataBatatafrom Skich app

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