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Samurai seeks revenge on his arch-enemy across the war-scorched land in a stunning action-packed hack 'n' slash game with RPG elements.

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In Samurai II, the main character Daisuke embarks on a perilous quest for revenge that unfolds across a war-torn landscape. The journey takes him from a seafaring village to a flying fortress and all the way to the fabled Isle of the Dead. His quarry? Arch-nemesis Orochi, against whom he will stop at nothing to achieve retribution. Will justice be served?

This sequel has been hotly anticipated, building on the success of its predecessor which was favorably reviewed for its aesthetically pleasing manga-style graphics and fast-paced, bloody gameplay. Samurai II offers even more action and a revamped control system that is intuitive to pick up.

After a dedicated year of development, the overall production values are top notch, and the frenetic combat is on par with that of console 3D button-mashers. Screenshots don't do Samurai II justice: its smooth and silky gameplay has to be seen running at a flawless 60 frames per second.

Beyond appearances, this game offers deep gameplay mechanics, with several improvements implemented based on fan feedback. Players can expect a more seamless experience with the new virtual d-pad, dynamic camera perspectives, environmental puzzles, traps, and an array of new enemies. These combined features result in a unique and absorbing hack 'n' slash experience.

More than just a mindless button-masher, Samurai II features RPG elements that reward skilled players. You can upgrade the Samurai's health, unlock new attack combos, and work to perfect them to become even deadlier on the battlefield. The hand-drawn, anime-style comic panels that appear between levels provide a compelling tale of the samurai's journey. The comic panels are quite captivating thanks to their original artwork.

Hardcore gamers will appreciate the new survival mode which pits the samurai against waves of enemies. The game's original soundtrack adds to the intensity of the action, building to a crescendo.

Samurai II boasts an advanced AI system that is comparable to console games. The Goal Oriented Action Planning architecture used in many PC and console games keeps the battles fresh and unpredictable, so you will have to stay nimble to keep up.

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Release date
Jun 24, 2011
Single player


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