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Experience the ultimate SaGa game with Emerald Beyond's unique story that evolves based on your choices, bolstered by strategic Timeline battles and diverse cast of protagonists.

SaGa Emerald Beyond is a highly anticipated addition to the SaGa franchise that brings together the finest features of the series, to create a thrilling and unique gaming experience for each player. Engage in battles using a combination of glimmers and combos to vanquish your enemies. Meet an array of fascinating races that include mechs, monsters, and vampires, and immerse yourself in a captivating story that evolves according to your choices and actions. The game offers players the chance to visit 17 distinct worlds from the Junction, with the option to follow either the path of destiny or to forge your own course. You will explore diverse cultures and landscapes, ranging from forested areas replete with skyscrapers to lush green habitats covered in vegetation, or worlds ruled by five powerful witches and another controlled by vampires - just to name a few of the incredible locations. Six protagonists from different backgrounds and with unique goals embark on five separate story arcs, each with their own personal reasons. For example, one character is a human assigned to protect the barrier safeguarding his city, another is a witch seeking to recover her lost magic while maintaining a disguise at school, while still another is a vampire lord seeking to regain his crown and restore order to his world. You can choose the same protagonist for multiple playthroughs and still experience entirely different events, storylines, and fresh paths. SaGa Emerald Beyond has an impressive number of branching plots, making it the most versatile game in the SaGa series, with the direction of the story evolving based on your choices and actions. Every time you visit a new world, your adventure will change, providing you with countless storyline options. The unfolding tale becomes uniquely yours, influencing not only the path you walk but also the multiple endings that wait for each protagonist. The Timeline Battles in SaGa Emerald Beyond have been perfected, and the new strategic battle system adds even more excitement than previous iterations. With the Glimmer system, you can acquire abilities spontaneously, Formations allow tactical ally placement, and United Attacks let you chain individual skills together to create devastating attacks. You can support your party members in battle, interrupt enemy actions, and use United Attacks by expertly manipulating the order of ally actions to gain the upper hand over your opponents. Everything in the game, from your character to the weapons they wield, party formation, and battle tactics is under your control. Start your adventure and uncover the unique possibilities that SaGa Emerald Beyond has in store for you.
Release date
Apr 24, 2024
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

SaGa Emerald Beyond – Launch Trailer – Nintendo SwitchNintendo of America
SaGa Emerald Beyond - Demo Trailer | PS5 & PS4 GamesPlayStation
SaGa Emerald Beyond – Diva TrailerSquare Enix


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