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Game overview

RV Park Life is a management game where players build recreational areas, improve facilities, manage staff, and set up monetization mechanisms to expand their campsite.

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RV Park Life is a captivating management game that taps into the player's inner camper, tasking them with expanding their camp and creating the ultimate outdoor experience. With a clear sense of growth and achievement, players can immerse themselves in the wonders of nature without leaving their home.

Building your camp has never been so exciting! Utilize every inch of your land to meet the campers' needs! Divide the campsite into recreational, living, and staff areas, and build various attractions, such as water parks, open-air cinemas, RVs, and tent areas. To enhance the experience, add picnic stalls, fishing platforms and trampolines. Ensure your guests have all necessary amenities in the living area, such as toilets, bathrooms, laundry, water and electricity. Treat your employees well and create spaces for them to rest. Also, seize the opportunity to develop your side businesses and increase your income through camp rentals, picnic shops, and souvenir shops.

Every campsite needs capable personnel, whether it's a cashier, security guard or cleaner. The cashier facilitates bookings and operations, while janitors ensure the campsite remains clean and presentable. Security staff patrols the campsite to keep guests safe, while other staff members work in various departments to keep the camp running smoothly. With different budgets and marketing strategies, the player can hire campground managers, senior executives, or senior general managers to oversee each department as well.

The key to becoming a successful campground manager is to maximize your income. Players can set up fees at various points in the camp, such as parking fees, camping equipment rentals, laundry fees, boat rentals, picnic stalls, souvenirs and various sideline earning shops. With the right pricing strategy, your revenue will skyrocket.

The game also features a postcard collection feature, where players can explore various campsites and enjoy the beautiful scenery. With a charming 2D art style, beautiful locations, and addictive gameplay, players will become true managers of the ultimate campsite.
Release date
May 05, 2022
Single player

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