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Ascend mortal Champions to godhood in Runestrike's turn-based card game. Engage in PVE campaigns, solo, and versus arena battles with unique heroes and runes.

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Enter into the mystical realm of Runestrike, where human Champions clash in an epic battle for the mastery of powerful runes, struggling against even the mightiest of the ancient gods. Designed with an innovative yet straightforward mechanic, Runestrike is an online turn-based card game that promises both fast-paced and intricate gameplay. Not only can you download the game to build your own deck but also level up your Champions, as well as enjoy all kinds of exciting single-player and PvP content.

Experience the beauty of the Runestrike cards up close; each one is masterfully illustrated, from the commonplace Hammerfist Giant to the mythical Jupiter himself, not to mention the astounding visuals found within the Champions and the world map itself - so awe-inspiring you can almost reach out and touch it!

You will be transported to a mythical world where the immortals crossing swords rip the veil between mortal and immortal, causing a rain of divine runes to fall from the heavens. Driven by this magic, various mortals transform into fantastic beasts or Champions alone, ready to ascend their ranking to reach the peak of godhood itself.

Take part in thrilling solo-player campaigns where you can discover the fascinating world of Runestrike. With each win in the game, you will level up and unlock different challenges. Defy Jupiter, the king of Olympus, in the Trials of Olympus; travel back to ancient Egypt and survive its threats in the Eye of Ra.

Engage yourself in intense and rewarding battles against other players every week in the Versus Arena, where you can win remarkable rewards. Opt to play against the AI in the Solo Arena solo, where you can pit your Champions against your foes. Your success in defeating rivals will earn you lucrative bonuses and unlock higher difficulties.

Champions are the heart and soul of the game, each with a unique set of traits and divine abilities that enact devastation on your foes. You can ascend your Champion's powers, uncovering hidden strengths, and gaining bonuses as you go. Over a hundred runes with a dozen of champions will present you with an infinite number of strategies to use in your card deck. Download Runestrike today and join a never-ending, constantly evolving world where player feedback is embraced.
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Jun 11, 2021
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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