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Run For Money is an online multiplayer action game based on the popular Japanese TV show "Run for Money: Fugitive Game". Play as runners or hunters in a thrilling escape challenge.

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Run For Money 〜逃走ごっこ〜(ランマネ)is a thrilling online multiplayer action game that combines the popular Fuji TV show "Run for Money" and LiTMUS's widely popular "Prison Escape". The latest mode "Royale" is now available! Up to 50 hunters can appear at once, and you must outwit other players and escape from the multitude of hunters to become the No.1 runner. A battle royale mode that can be played by five players is also now available!

Enjoy acrobatic battles by using attractive character skins to escape from the "Hunters" or capture the "Runners". You can customize your character to your liking with costumes and collaboration characters from the familiar "Run for Money"!

With a wipe display that makes you feel like you're watching television, you can enjoy live commentary while keeping track of other players' movements in real-time!

Recommended for those who love game commentary, enjoy live streaming, often watch live broadcasts, want to try their first escape game, love Fuji TV's popular show "Run for Money", or want to experience the thrill of non-daily life.

Basic rules: From multiple players, random runners and hunters are divided. Hunters aim to catch all runners, while runners aim to find 10 keys within the world and escape from the goal. Participants receive rewards based on their participation time. Runners have health, and if they run out of it due to attacks from Hunters, they can no longer escape and will be caught. Items can be found in the world that can be used by both runners and hunters!

Featuring a star-studded cast of voice actors such as Yukari Tamura, Sayono Yamamoto, Yuto Suzuki, and more! What will be the fate of the runners and hunters? Play and find out!
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