Ruler of the Waves 1916

Ruler of the Waves 1916

Evan Godfrey
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Game overview

Become the Ruler of the Waves using mighty turrets on battleships and battlecruisers to sink the enemy in a WWI naval combat game.

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Commandeer your own mighty Dreadnought battleships and battlecruisers to dominate naval combat as the undisputed Ruler of the Waves with Ruler of the Waves 1916, a gripping turret-based shooter game. Its core gameplay revolves around the precise aim and fire of turrets, which have a long 30-second reload time. Hence, gamers must effectively utilize multiple turrets from different ships to maximize their firepower to succeed in sinking enemy boats. The ever-changing movement of ships and the surrounding sea make things more complex, and precision demands except for the most skilled gunners.

In this fictional game, players will engage in major battlecruiser combats from WWI, such as the Battles of Heligoland Bight and Jutland. These battles were the last times these types of ships would dominate the scene, as high-flying aircraft and deep-submerging submarines rendering them out-of-date.

Dreadnought-era battleships and battlecruisers come with comparable size and firepower, but differ in their armor thickness, turret arrangement, and speed. The heavily armored battleships function to intimidate, whereas the fast-moving battlecruisers give an advantage to navigate the battlefield.

Grab the chance to board both types of ships and unleash a barrage of deadly salvos on the opposing force. Sink all enemy vessels to emerge victorious. Players can also earn bonus points for their speed and efficiency in executing their attacks.
Evan Godfrey
Release date
Nov 23, 2022

Gameplay & Streams

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