Room Escape: Prisoners Hero

Room Escape: Prisoners Hero

HFG - Ena Game Studio
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Game overview

In Prisoners Hero, solve puzzles and gather clues to break out of jail as a spy agent and release prisoners. 100 levels with rewards to earn.

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Venture into a mind-boggling adventure in the newest game, Prisoners Hero. Take on the challenge of unraveling puzzles to release all prisoners, and prove your worth as a real hero. You are in for a world of predicaments, so brace yourself for the ultimate survival adventure of jail breakout. Outsmart the security system by discovering hidden objects and using them to unlock the prison cell.

Get started and play the most diversified prisoner games with a range of survival escape plans to secure your jailbreak escape. Prisoners can interact with hidden objects and search for clues. Hack your way through the computer to turn off security and survive the highly sensitive Prison escape task. Equip yourself with all necessary items while planning your escape. Breaking rules is the only way out, and it is immensely exhilarating!

Execute an elaborate prison jailbreak escape plan. Collect information about clues and break out the action mission. Use your wits and hack the highly secured surveillance camera to turn off the security alarm. Navigate your way out of the prison to become the Prisoners Hero of the secret mission. Every move you make counts, so execute the plan carefully. Be mindful that your boss and the guards are watching your every move.

In this prisoner game, you'll need to break out of the prison and tactfully avoid the guards to escape jail. Secret agents have projects in their hands, and it’s your mission to execute the plan and break out of the challenge. Use all your spy agent skills to survive in this trained prison. Search the prison cells and solve the mini-puzzles to open the lock-ups and earn rewards at each level.

Embark on this 100-level puzzle game and use unique objects to release the prisoners. Overcoming obstacles and solving riddles will be an integral part of your mission. As a secret agent, you can save your clients by completing each level successfully. Immerse yourself in the most thrilling prison game and earn the title of the ultimate Prisoners Hero!
HFG - Ena Game Studio
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