Roller Ball 6

Roller Ball 6

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Game overview

Do you like fun puzzle adventure games? Are you a crazy fan of the Red Ball 5 adventure, Big Ball 3, Bounce Ball Love, and Roller Ball 4 series? Red ball 6 is designed for you!

Bounce Ball 6: Red Ball 6 is an exciting and interesting game perfect to keep you enjoying the fun. Red bounce ball here to rescue the world. Roll, jump, and bounce the roller ball through each level, defeating enemies and avoiding deadly laser beams in the process. The Red Ball 6 game is very easy to play with challenging adventures. In these ball games, you have to roll the ball, make it move skillfully to avoid the obstacles, defeat all enemies, zombies, and bosses to rescue ball friends.

You have to swipe up to jump up and swipe down to jump down with the ball hero. Sounds easy? There is a small twist which makes the game challenging and a lot more exciting. The red ball keeps moving, rolling the ball with ultimate precision to advance through each area safely!

With a very simple user interface and easy controls, the ball game has been beautifully designed for players with all age groups. Just touch and drag on the screen to move the ball on the screen. As the player makes progress, the level's ball games become more challenging by increasing the speed of the bounce ball.

⭐ New Red Ball Adventure
⭐ Beautiful game graphics
⭐ Simple game controls and easy to get started
⭐ Various levels to roll the ball
⭐ Obstacles of different shapes
⭐ Evil bosses to beat
⭐ Difficulty increases with the speed of moving ball

How to play Bounce Ball 6 Red Ball: Roller Adventure & Bounce Ball Jump
🔴 Use right and left arrow keys to roll the ball 6
🔴 Use up arrow key to jump ball, you will be amazed by the rolling and jumping ability of the Red bounce ball bounce
🔴 Use the down arrow key to stop the bouncing ball in front of dangerous impediments.
🔴 Get enough required number of yellow stars while rolling the ball
🔴 Find the magical door to guide the red ball by ball to get to the next level
🔴 Remember to collect boxes with containers and help the red bounce ball attack if it encounters danger.
🔴 Challenge yourself on more and more difficult but interesting levels.

Red Ball 6 is a complete stress reliever game which is one of the most addictive and exciting games with complexity of the challenges increasing gradually. How good are you at getting your target? Prove your gaming skills and get your target to achieve maximum score. Challenge your friends and compete with them to be the champion of the Red Ball 6. The more you play, the more you will be accustomed to respond quickly and be able to play even under pressure.

Play Bounce Ball 6: Roller Ball 6 now and experience the feeling of heroes ball, save the world! Get this exciting classic ball game and enjoy the full-time fun. Let's start the ball adventure to discover all the amazing rolling ball challenges! You will love the game!
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Release date
May 20, 2020

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