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Game overview

Rogue with the Dead: an innovative, roguelike RPG where soldiers fight automatically as you lead them through an endless looping journey. Defeat the Demon Lord as numbers grow.

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Rogue with the Dead is a captivating game that takes you on an adventurous and infinite journey. As you make progress, your strength increases with every death. This unique game comes from the developers at room6, responsible for Unreal Life and Gen'ei AP's successes.

Your goal in this game is to lead a team of soldiers 300 miles to defeat the fierce Demon Lord. You can earn coins by completing quests and defeating monsters, which helps in strengthening your army. Furthermore, you have the option of either joining the battle or allowing your soldiers to fight automatically.

Every time your soldiers die, they respawn, but you do not. All soldiers, money, and items are lost, leaving only artifacts behind, leading you to start over. To triumph over the powerful bosses, you must gather numerous artifacts, and beating them will yield even more.

Rogue with the Dead provides a wide range of playstyles. You can power up your troops, defeat monsters and clear dungeons in an infinite loop. You can also hire healers, summoners, magicians, and more for your battles, play tower defense style, power up quests and idle mode coins, and compete with other players on the online leaderboard.

The pixel art world is a joy to behold as you journey through a fantastic world with your troops and guide Elly. You will gradually uncover the events leading up to your arrival, with Elly withholding information that could change the course of the game.

Watch the numbers grow exponentially as you progress, with damage increasing from tens to trillions. With a diverse roster of soldiers, such as the Swordsman, Ranger, Pigmy, Sorcerer, and others, you can power up with various artifacts that increase attack, protect magicians, and increase coins gained.

In case you're feeling tired, just idle; quests will continue progressing while you're away, allowing for easy integration into your daily life. If you enjoy idle, clicker, strategy, or RPG games, pixel art, tower defense, roguelike, endless dungeon exploration, or exponential growth, then Rogue with the Dead is for you.
Release date
Oct 25, 2022

Gameplay & Streams

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