Rogue Drone

Rogue Drone

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Game overview

Blast through DroneTech, fighting armies of drones & unlocking customization, upgrades & pickups. Arena mode offers increased difficulty.

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Enter the DroneTech facilities and engage in an endless battle against an army of drones. Your objective is to annihilate as many enemy drones as possible. You will start in the lightly guarded office and gradually progress through increasingly difficult facilities filled with new drones and challenges at every turn.

For those who crave a more demanding experience, there is the "Arena game mode". Unleash your skills and combat the endless swarm of drones with no escape option available, as new ones will continue to spawn at an increasingly difficult rate.

Eliminating enemy drones will reward you with research credits. These credits can be spent on an array of customization items such as paint jobs, stickers, and neon underglow.

Alternatively, you can choose to invest your research credits into enhancing your drone's base attributes, purchasing perks, or abilities that could help you last longer and slay more drones.

In addition to scoring points and research credits, killing drones may also drop pick-ups that could boost your performance in-game. Hostile drones can either drop double points, health regeneration, health refill, heavy laser attack, a temporary shield, or the ultimate bomb.
RedMint Games
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