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Roach Race: a side-scrolling mobile platformer featuring Geralt's horse and magical landscapes from the Witcher series. Collect points and power ups, hone reflexes, and climb the global leaderboard.

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Roach Race, a side-scrolling platformer from CD PROJEKT RED, lets players join Geralt's trusty Roach on a journey across The Witcher's Continent. Thanks to Crunching Koalas' collaborative effort, the mobile game is a free-to-play adventure where users can enjoy racing and exploring magical landscapes inspired by The Witcher series. Roach Race is the very same mini-game available in Cyberpunk 2077's Night City, and now it comes packed with unlimited gameplay for players on-the-go.

Amidst the journey across The Continent, players must collect power-ups and points by dodging dangerous traps and monsters while munching on apples and carrots. As they gallop their way across stunning 2D versions of Kaer Morhan, Skellige, Novigrad, Flotsam, and the Isle of Mists, it becomes harder to stay alive. Every loop increases the game's pace, testing players' skills and reflexes. Only the most cool-headed riders will make it through without getting scathed.

Roach Race provides an opportunity to join the coveted top 10 global leaderboard spot, allowing players to carve out their names in glory forever. By playing or downloading this game, users accept Roach Race EULA available at Download Roach Race and jump into a magical world.
Release date
Sep 06, 2022
Single player

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