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Game overview

RIVR is a vivid VR runner with color-shifting abilities and diverse environments. Compete to run as far as you can.

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RIVR immerses you in a vibrant and exhilarating VR runner experience. Utilize your agile prowess and chromatic capabilities to progress through various realms.

TRAVERSE THE TERRAIN Dash through verdant hills, lush swamplands, and frigid mountaintops.

An EVER-CHANGING JOURNEY Alter the environment with a mere flick of a finger. Transition between dimensions to maneuver through obstructions and go as far as possible.

SHOWCASE YOUR SKILLS Test your limits and compete with others to showcase your abilities. Strive to reach the radiance beaming from the horizon and transgress beyond.

Compatibility with VR
Merge yourself into this app with the aid of a Cardboard viewer.

Gamepad Compatibility
This game offers gamepad support.
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