Rising of Ants-Glory

Rising of Ants-Glory

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Game overview

Pre-register for "Rising of Ants" and explore the microcosmic realm, build colonies, engage in alliance battles, and claim exclusive rewards.

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Get ready to experience the incredible world of "Rising of Ants" by pre-registering now! Grab the exclusive rewards, including the SR Hero - Vercingetorix, by registering in advance in the store. Log in after the launch and claim your pre-registration rewards. Stay up-to-date with our latest news and cash gift card benefits by joining us on FB/Twitter/Discord!

Immerse yourself in the fascinating microcosm known as the "Rising of Ants"! Uncover hidden wonders and embark on thrilling quests as you explore this intricate world. From gathering resources to constructing your own colony, engage in epic strategic battles and discover the secrets of the microcosm.

Begin your microcosmic exploration by diving into the ant world’s intricate details. Traverse new territories, uncover unique creatures, and unlock the wonders of the microcosm in this endlessly captivating game.

Placing chambers, tunnels, and resource nodes strategically to optimize your colony's growth and defense aids in building and customizing your ant colony with precision. Expand your empire and create an anthill that reflects your strategic vision.

Explore the vast and diverse world of "Rising of Ants" by venturing beyond your colony. Traverse lush forests, scorching deserts, and treacherous mountains in search of valuable resources and new territories to conquer.

Forge alliances with other players and engage in thrilling battles against rival ant colonies in the game’s alliance confrontations. Share resources, coordinate strategies, and optimize forces to dominate the microcosmic realm. Collaborate with friends and be unstoppable!

Create epic battles against tough opponents by commanding your ant armies. Train and upgrade your ants to unleash devastatingly potent attacks. Plan your tactics and outmaneuver your opponents to claim victory on the battlefield.

Don't miss out on this amazing gaming experience - pre-register now and be part of the ant revolution! Get exclusive in-game rewards only available through pre-registration. Don't wait any longer to join the "Rising of Ants" frenzy!
Release date
Jun 18, 2023
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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