Rick and Morty: Clone Rumble

Rick and Morty: Clone Rumble

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Game overview

Assemble a clone army and prove your Rickness in the ultimate multi-dimensional tournament, Rickmania. Featuring favorite characters and adventures from the hit show.

Step into the ring and prove your Rickness! Rickmania is back with more clone crushing than ever before!

You are Rick Sanchez, an alcoholic, and unstable genius with an unparalleled ego and an infinite number of duplicates across the multiverse. You’ve tried to ignore it, but now you are fed up with these alternate Ricks who keep getting in your way, so it’s time to assemble a team of Clones to prove once and for all that you are the Rickest Rick of all.

With a portable clone gun in hand and Morty by your side you can finally compete in the fabled Rickmania. A multi-dimensional tournament built from the ground up to prove once and who is the great Rick across the multiverse. But if one thing is true about Rick’s; they never play by the rules.

Grow, evolve, and mutate Clone DNA until you’ve created an unstoppable clone army. The multiverse is vast, and Rick Sanchez has made a lot of enemies over the years. Create the right mix of clones to step into the ring and prove your Rickness once and for all!

The Ricksperience of a Lifetime
•Collect some of your favorite multi-dimensional Rick and Morty characters such as Mr. Poopybutthole, Ants in my Eyes Johnson, and Birdperson.
•Journey through 8 chapters of entirely new Rick and Morty’s adventures. Rick and Morty 100 years! Rick and Morty forever!
•Upgrade, evolve, and mutate Clone DNA to create the perfect Clone army!
•Battle rival Ricks as you prove your Rickness and crush clones in Rickmania!

Rick and Morty 100 Years, Rick and Morty Forever!
•An all new Rick and Morty story for you to feast your eyeballs on!
•Fight your way through the league of Ricks in Rickmania!
•Collect crafting components and fuse them with DNA to build a unique and formidable fighting force.
•So many characters and references that only the highest IQ individuals will understand.

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