Ribon: Sabukseong Gyeoljeon

Ribon: Sabukseong Gyeoljeon

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Relive the classic MMORPG with Remon: Sabukseong Kyeoljeon. Play as a warrior, mage or monk, enjoy thrilling boss battles and PvP combat.

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▶ Grand Opening of "Ribbon: The Battle of Sa Pukseong" ◀

Exchange code 1: bonus (5 Honor-bound Elixir, 5 Vital Breath, 100,000 Diamonds, 10 Dungeon Passes)

Exchange code 2: actoz (5 Jade Pieces, 10 Supreme Gems, 100,000 Diamonds, 10 Dungeon Passes)

Exchange code 3: mir2023 (5 Tactical Orders, 5 Warehouse Expansion Stones, 15 Dungeon Passes, 100,000 Diamonds)

Exchange code 4: sabuk (5 War Merits, 5 Warehouse Expansion Stones, 15 Dungeon Passes, 100,000 Diamonds)

Official License of Actoz IP

Revolutionary MMORPG is back on mobile!

We will bring back the hottest time of the 20s.

▶The Return of the Strongest Heroes!◀

Reproduction of classic MMORPG content,

The Warrior, Shaman, and Taoist return to life.

The realistic graphics truly remind you of that time!

▶Extreme PK! Thrilling Battle!◀

Unlimited outdoor battles,

thrilling boss battles,

your whole body will be full of excitement!

▶High Drop Rates! Easily Acquire Super Powerful Items!◀

Items you remember, such as the Mocking Jade Ring, will make a comeback!

Super powerful items, including raids, outdoor areas, and boss dungeons, are dropped。

Enjoy wearing rare, powerful items with a much higher drop rate!

▶The Battle for Sa Pukseong! Group Battles for Victory!◀

Powerful comeback of the Battle for Sa Pukseong!

Enjoy battling with friends,

and fight only for the glory of victory!

▶Generous Rewards! Unlimited trading!◀

Recycle equipment and trade for money. Because there is no limit on the open trading market,

let's become the richest in the Mir Continent!

【Ribbon: The Battle of Sa Pukseong Official Cafe】


【Ribbon: The Battle of Sa Pukseong Customer Center Email Address】

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