Revenge of Anubis: Pyramid Adventure

Revenge of Anubis: Pyramid Adventure

Dack Oenomaus
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Game overview

Play as Anubis in Revenge of Anubis, defeat Set and Sobek, solve puzzles, collect items, fight creatures, and keep the Scarab alive to save Egypt.

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Welcome to Revenge of Anubis! In this game, travel back in time to Ancient Egypt and take on the role of Anubis, the God of the Dead. However, the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx have been taken over by Set, the God of disorder, and Sobek, the ruler of the Nile. As the protagonist, it is your mission to defeat Set and his faithful creatures, retrieve the key to Sobek's underground lair, and restore peace to the land.

To play Revenge of Anubis, ensure that your device runs on Android 5.0 and above. The game boasts several gameplay features, including puzzle-solving mini-games, item collection, button-smashing combat, and platforming. The game is 100% ad-free and offers players the option to save and load their progress using the pause menu. Moreover, players can replace the background music with wind and crickets.

Players are encouraged to explore different areas by using their skills such as double jumping, climbing, and sliding. Players can also interact with scrolls and the Goddess to collect hints on how to locate missing items. To progress through the game, players must unlock doors using corresponding color keys. However, the land is full of scorpions and mummies that players must outsmart by luring them into a spike trap or using the bow or magic potion to defeat them.

In Revenge of Anubis, players must find three essential items: The Relic, The Mummified Cat, and the Magic Potion. Players can complete mini-games missions to obtain the Relic and the Cat or save all three items until the end of the game for a bonus. Once players collect the Magic Potion, they can use it to destroy all creatures currently on the map by pressing the UI inventory button.

Be sure to keep the Scarab Beetle alive, as it gives players added health when interacted with. You can also boost your score and health by guiding the Scarab home during the mini-game. While playing, players can enter bonus rooms by pressing down and access the training room by moving left.

In Revenge of Anubis, players can destroy almost everything, including falling spike traps, wooden doors, pottery, and all enemies, including the Bowman's arrow. Using the bow, ricochet shots are worth more points when players calculate how to bounce them off walls to hit specific targets. Players can also use the ricochet shot to get behind the Bowman's shield and defeat him.

Lastly, remember to study the Hieroglyphs as they display clues such as where to shoot, push pillars or guide the Scarab. Egypt is counting on you, Anubis! However, note that this is a new release, and there may be some bugs or errors. If you encounter any issues while playing the game, send all reports or email directly to the developer. Thank you for playing Revenge of Anubis!
Dack Oenomaus
Release date
May 05, 2018

Gameplay & Streams

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