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Game overview

Re:STAGE! Prism Step offers a new genre of "thinking rhythm action" with a combination of puzzle and rhythm. Play with customizable sound maps and voice-over storylines, and enjoy live parts to create your own idols.

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Introducing a new genre of rhythm action game that involves both thinking and senses, it’s the “thoughtful rhythm action”! Instead of the usual rhythm games, tap and slide the screen according to the music and color and enjoy watching cute idols dance! Even if you are not good at rhythm games, you can still have fun while those that are already good at them can enjoy a new style of play! The sense of achievement when you finally clear the game is an amazing feeling!

Apart from breaking the AP limit, the fun live parts are free to play and fail as much as you want! It is important to play with moderation!

You can even create your own rhythm patterns for the live part! Not only that, but you can also play patterns made by other people! Enjoy the infinite possibilities of playing, difficulty levels and ways to play in the “pattern-maker” feature!

The music genre is immensely diverse! There’s idol-like colorful music, popping tunes, cool rock and magnificent string-infused music! Many new tunes are constantly being added and all the music from “Re:Stage! (Risute)” can be enjoyed for free!

All stories are fully voice-acted! Help the girls to fulfill their aspirations and reacquaint themselves to their dreams that they once gave up. In the character-specific stories for each unique idol, you’ll feel your heart pounding as you discover sides to them that you’ve never seen before.

The girls not only have growth elements, but also come with a vast combination of skills and accessories! Create an original unit with charming idols and enjoy the live stages!

18 middle school girl idols will bloom on the stage!

KiRaRe (Kirari)

Maiya Shikimiya (CV: Ami Makino)

Saya Tsukisaka (CV: Akari Kitō)

Mizuka Ichijima (CV: Maju Tanaka)

Kae Hiiragi (CV: Meemu Tachibana)

Kasumi Honjō (CV: Yuka Iwahashi)

Mii Hasegawa (CV: Yuki Uemi)


Murasaki Itsumura (CV: Ari Ozawa)

Yōka Itsumura (CV: Tomomi Mineuchi)


Aoi Maemiya (CV: Minami Takahashi)

Ruka Ichijō (CV: Ayaka Suwa)

Sango Misaki (CV: Aimi Tanaka)

Toroa Anju

Aiba Shiratori (CV: Natsumi Hioka)

Kanade Hokaze (CV: Rika Abe)

Kisaki Himuro (CV: Juri Nagatsuma)

Kuroha Johoku (CV: Miho Nishida)

The TV animation “Re:Stage! Dream Days” and the official Twitter @rst_project are also available!

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