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RESCUE: Heroes in Action – Rising Storm expansion adds new scenario and missions. Become a true hero in this captivating firefighting simulation and strategy game.

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Unleash the hero in you with RESCUE: Heroes in Action - Rising Storm, the newly released expansion for the widely popular game. Brace yourself as the city is hit by the devastating coastal storm, Nina. Disaster control is in a frenzy to save citizens from the impending floods that might lead to a large-scale catastrophe. As a hero, the people need someone to look up to, and that someone could be you.

Media are raving about the game, saying that it offers excitement and a lot of fun. even mentioned that RESCUE: Heroes in Action proves that strategy and simulation games can be engaging and entertaining on mobile devices, too.

In the game, you will find yourself engaged in suspense-packed missions with your firefighting team. Your decisions will have a lasting impact on the outcome of each scenario, making each move critical. Your prompt actions can mean the difference between life and death, so be alert and be ready to act!

You will be experiencing the day-to-day activities of a big city firefighter, from putting out fires, rescuing citizens, and all the adrenaline that comes along with it. Take control of rescue missions, build your team of effective firemen and women, and continuously enhance your fleet of emergency vehicles.

The game features an extensive selection of country-specific colors, designs, and markings for customizing firefighters' uniforms and vehicles. You will also encounter a variety of realistic firefighting scenarios typical in a large city like an emergency landing by an airplane, a gas explosion, a car crash, and a blaze at an oil refinery.

Enjoy the innovative control system for firefighters and fire trucks, simulating firefighting operations. The game also unlocks upgrades for your team, such as larger tanks, improved engine performance, and more extensive hose range, to name a few.

Each member of your team has unique character biographies, adding to the captivating blend of strategy and simulation that has made RESCUE: Everyday Heroes one of the best-selling PC games. In this game, you’ll have to ask yourself, “How many lives will I save today?” and strive to answer it with “Every single one of them.”

Do you have what it takes to be a “hero in action”? Now is your time to find out. Play the full game, along with the Rising Storm expansion pack with ten new missions, new emergency vehicles, and four fresh and exceptional characters.
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