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Game overview

Res Militaria is a low complexity cross-platform turn-based strategy game. Reproduced battles range from 508 B.C. Porsenna siege of Rome to 16 A.D. Arminius Idistavisus Battle.

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Res Militaria is an exciting turn-based strategy game that can be enjoyed on various platforms. The game's inspiration came from classic chess and the traditional war board game, resulting in an immersive historical wargame experience without the need for players to learn complicated rules. Players will start by going through the tutorial scenario to learn the game's basic mechanics.

The game is an improved version of the Historia Battles series and features gameplay mechanics that users have requested. It also has a sleek and modern user interface. To create exceptional in-game unit graphics and animation, the game was entirely rewritten using Godot and Blender.

During gameplay, the app displays Admob banners and ad videos, but players can opt to watch reward videos to minimize the impact on their user experience. In the settings screen, users can choose to disable data collection, which the app collects for statistical purposes.

Res Militaria features exciting recreated battles from ancient history, including Porsenna Siege of Rome, Battle of Allia, and many more. However, players can only access all the battles in the full version of the game and without the ads.

The game features several exciting modes to play. Players can battle against the AI, play hot seat mode, or join the Local Area Network mode. It also comes loaded with essential features such as animated sprites, military APP-6A standard view, a save and load game option, and leaderboards.

To win the game, players must eliminate all enemy units or conquer the enemy home location. It's important to note that during an attack, damage is calculated based on the attacker's and attacked's attack and defence points. The ground cell characteristics might affect the attack and defence points, and the range of fire distance for firing units. When an attacking unit attacks from the side or back, the attacked player receives zero defence points. After an attack, the attacked piece can't move in the same turn, and severely wounded units cause panic damage to nearby units. Lastly, a unit that kills another unit increases the experience, attack and defence points and recovers all lost life points.
Release date
Apr 11, 2020
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

Res Militaria RomeVincenzo Pirrottina
Res Militaria NapoleonVincenzo Pirrottina
Battle of York - Ryse Son of RomeAFGuidesHD
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