Rent Please!: Landlord Sim

Rent Please!: Landlord Sim

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Game overview

Rent Please!- Landlord Sim" is a game where you build a community, meet tenants with unique stories and unlock various types of rooms to design your own private space.

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Do you ever dream of creating your own community and being a good landlord? With Rent Please! - Landlord Sim, you can experience the joy of being a wealthy landlord and create the community of your dreams. Managing the property, listening to the tenants' varying demands, and meeting their needs may bring surprises!

In this game, you will own the whole community, meaning everything is under your control. You can feel tired of the reality and escape to this world where you are in charge! You will meet various tenants with different stories and have the opportunity to communicate with them and share their life fragments. As their landlord and friend, if they are in trouble, you can lend a helping hand.

Unlocking different types of rooms is also available in the game. Whether you go for the single apartment, couple apartment, sea house, or any other room, you can unlock all of them without fear of decidophobia.

The game features two maps with distinctive styles, namely a comfortable coastal town and a fashionable city with nightlife. Each map has its unique features and themes which can allow you to explore and experience a completely different lifestyle.

Lastly, you can design a private home that belongs to you. Everyone needs their private space, and the game has created dedicated independent gardens, spacious rooms, and decorating options that you can completely customize. Being a successful landlord is not an easy move, but with this game, you can manifest your dreams and build the community of your dreams!
Release date
Oct 25, 2022

Gameplay & Streams

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