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Renal Summer

Game overview

Extend your dog's life by breaking colored blocks to assist with kidney function in this unique game. Boost blood pressure by viewing ads or reading clippings.

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You will become the kidney of your beloved dog. Sadly, your dog is in kidney failure and its time is limited. But, you can help extend its life a little longer and postpone the inevitable end. As a kidney, you will notice four coloured blocks flowing through the bloodstream. You need to break those blocks with a few simple taps to help get rid of toxins and gain valuable kidney experience. The more blocks you join together, the more efficient you become. As time progresses, the difficulty of breaking blocks and the amount of toxins in them increases, providing you with more experience.

Blood pressure is the force required to break a block. The higher your blood pressure, the fewer times you can break a block. But, you can increase your blood pressure by using the “Kidney Experience” you gained by breaking the blocks.

You can also boost your blood pressure by breaking the green block to see an ad. While boosting, all you need to do is trace the block to break it. You may also come across clippings from your grandfather’s newspaper “The Dog Times” during your task.

The clock on your device is tied to the life of your dog and old man, who wakes up at 5 am and sleeps at 10 pm. You can check on their lives whenever you want.

Enjoy the whimsical design by tokoronyori alongside the amazing music by Soejima Takuma, Koji Itoyama, and Satomimagae. Become a pet’s kidney and help extend its life.
Release date
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

renal summer: iOS / Android Gameplay Part 1 (by tokoronyori)App Unwrapper
renal summer (by tokoronyori inc.) IOS Gameplay Video (HD)IWalkthroughHD
renal summer. iOS Gameplay. Launch video.dinalt
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