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Refind Self: a personality test game where gameplay is guided by choices that unveil your personality. Travel to key memories, interact with robots and discover secrets.

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All individuals approach games in unique ways, making diverse choices, ensuring that no two people play the same way. The way they play games can even act as an indication of their personality. Refind Self is one such game that enables players to learn more about their personalities.

A single play of Refind Self requires approximately an hour, making it a perfect way to unwind amidst a hectic schedule. After only three attempts, gamers will learn more about their personalities, and the game's conclusion is just around the corner.

The tale starts with players as robots possessing human attributes, standing at the tomb of their inventor, the Doctor. Numerous robots populate the world, fulfilling various roles. Players can travel to locations that are significant to their reminiscences of the Doctor, collaborate with robots, and uncover secrets related to the Doctor's vision for the future and the entrusted task.

Gamers are free to explore, converse, investigate, and play mini-games in Refind Self. There are no game overs, and there is no excellent or poor method to progress. With every action, the player's personality is analyzed until the analysis is 100% complete.

As soon as the player completes the game, the results of the personality analysis will get revealed. For those who want to know more about their personalities, replaying the game repeatedly serves as an ideal option. Besides, the same approach applies to those seeking answers about the story's truth.

The game stores the player's test results in a web-based database, generating a unique ID. Players can compare their results with those of other gamers, share their IDs, and analyze if similar personalities indicate good compatibility. The test results do not include any personally identifiable information, ensuring privacy and data safety.

The game's developer is Lizardry, and they have provided a contact link for gamers interested in communicating with them.
Release date
Oct 03, 2023
Single player

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