ReFactory: Factory Simulator

ReFactory: Factory Simulator

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Build factories, mine resources, defend against aliens, and develop technology in ReFactory, a sandbox strategy game set on an alien planet.

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Welcome to ReFactory - an exciting sandbox strategy game that challenges you to build a thriving factory on an alien planet. Immerse yourself in a fantastic world that's governed by your laws. This thrilling space odyssey begins with a single mission, which you can play for free. Unlock the full game and access all the in-game missions, along with custom game options, with a single purchase.

As the AI of a spaceship that's crash-landed on an unexplored planet, you'll need to leverage your knowledge and skills to establish a foothold on this foreign land, rescue your crew, and return home. You'll have to build automated factories, mine for natural resources, and develop technologies to manufacture complex goods and structures.

Create more advanced buildings and devices, such as assembly machines, by utilizing copper ore to construct electrically conductive cables. As you progress, you'll need to establish and maintain electric installations, boost system efficiency, and work within a carefully crafted economy to ensure that you succeed.

Move up from simple technologies to more sophisticated areas like microelectronics, chemical reactions and explosive substance development. Your expanding arsenal of technological prowess will unlock multiple opportunities and, hopefully, enable you to locate and rescue your crew.

Scour the planet's surface in pursuit of vital resources such as copper and iron ore, timber and crystals, granite and oil. In your quest to retrieve these resources, you'll need to bolster your defenses against hostile alien invasions. Protect your city from attacks by building strong defenses, including walls, mines, powerful cannons, chemical weapons and armoring drones.

Remember to devise an effective online strategy because ReFactory is about far more than just building production sites. You must consider and balance numerous factors, including electricity conduction, copper recycling, and economic strategy. Lack of resources can grind your city's development to a halt while outdated technologies will not be effective against alien invasions. Stay ahead of the curve and keep your factory safe with strategic planning.

ReFactory's main features include automated drones that, together with the digital assistant, help you to perform difficult tasks with ease. You can choose your land type, the planet's danger level, and the volume of resources to determine the difficulty level. Remove the appearance of monsters in the settings if you're not interested in repelling them or play the challenging puzzles that require you to develop infrastructure without using conveyors or maneuvering within tight spaces.

The game saves you from the tedium of manually performing labor-intensive tasks by putting drones to work, leaving you free to sit back and watch as the process unfolds from above. Begin with easy mode and steadily climb the ladder toward hard mode, developing strategic skills and multitasking ability. Enjoy the game from the comfort of your phone, no matter where you are.

Your feedback is valuable to us, and we'll be releasing periodic updates to continuously improve the game. Join the ReFactory team today and begin building your technologically advanced city!
Release date
Jun 04, 2021

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