Rebirth of Fortune

Rebirth of Fortune

Dotomchi Games Inc.
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Game overview

Turn-based tactical RPG featuring customizable units battling through 200 stages against varying AIs. Strategize to upgrade your team to prepare for greater combat.

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Discover a new world of strategy and adventure with “Rebirth of Fortune,” a role-playing game that blends the excitement of turn-based combat with the clever tactics of chess.

With up to eight customizable units at your command, you’ll lead your team through 200 stages of brawls against merciless mercenaries. Each battle requires careful planning and a dash of cunning to come out victorious.

But it’s not just about winning the fight – it’s about utilizing your resources wisely to improve your units for greater battles to come. The more enemies you defeat, the more you can upgrade and enhance your team, unlocking new units and skills along the way.

Your units are more than just soldiers – they each have their own personalities and specialties that come into play on the battlefield. With unique attributes like range, movement, and attack style, you’ll need to position them carefully to make the most of their strengths and weaknesses.

Combat is fast-paced and intense, with each turn lasting only 30 seconds. Move quickly and plan your actions wisely to maximize your impact before time runs out. But don’t be too hasty – your units can become disabled after each action, and you’ll need to wait for them to recover before unleashing them again.

It’s not just about brute force, either. Jeweled icons and gauge bars at the top of the screen indicate special techniques available to each unit. Timing these powerful maneuvers correctly can turn the tides of war and leave your enemies reeling.

But beware – your opponents are no pushovers. With their own unique abilities and strategies, you’ll need to stay on your toes and adapt to each new situation.

Intrigued? Give “Rebirth of Fortune” a try and discover the thrill of strategy and adventure in equal measure.
Dotomchi Games Inc.
Release date
Dec 14, 2009

Gameplay & Streams

Rebirth of Fortune 2 - Universal - HD Gameplay TrailerTouchGameplay
Rebirth of Fortune: Game Play Moviedotomchi
Rebirth of Fortune: Game Play Moviedotomchi
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