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Rebirth of Chaos: Eternal saga

Game overview

Join the chaos of Eternal Saga and dominate in new battle royale mode, collect epic gear, and choose from 100+ skins. Play with friends, fight bosses, and explore diverse gameplay.

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【Discover Unique Features】

◆ Brand New Battle Royale Mode
Enter a battle for a chicken dinner where the rules are decided by you. Ready your arrows and steel for a chance at glory. Quick 40-person battles and intense encounters will test your combat skills.

◆ Stylish Magic Mecha Transformations
Upgrade the Magic Mechas to enhance their structures and create a unique skin. Participate in the Starry Struggle to vie for resources against other guilds.

◆ Eliminate Bosses for Epic Gear
Assemble a team and take down rare Demon God Bosses. Conquer hundred-player dungeons to slay monsters and claim Epic Gear! The random drop rates ensure that even mobs have a chance to drop Epic Gear. Enjoy AFK farming while at work and take home your spoils after.

◆ A Free Trade System with Guaranteed Value Gear
Feel free to sell gear and set the price. Low-cost, but the gear is guaranteed to be Epic. Don't throw away your old gear; sell it for a handsome amount of in-game currency.

◆ Over 100 Stylish Skins to Choose From
Customize your character with over a hundred different skins. Create a unique look or earn skins by unlocking challenging accomplishments. Try out various fantasy beasts as mounts such as the Frost Dragon or Gilded Dragon.

◆ Forge Friendships and Fight Together
Find your soulmate while on the Land of Chaos and join forces with your friends to cultivate barren lands, explore mysterious oceans, and uncover hidden treasures.

◆ Various Modes and Gameplay Options
Experience Hellish Bosses, Coliseum Battlegrounds, Leaderboard PvP, and more. With six major classes to choose from, cultivate your own unique set of skills and talents to dominate the battlefield.

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Release date
May 27, 2021
Single player