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Build a human civilization on Mars by eliminating Martian swarms & building a base. Send troops on missions, rescue survivors, and recruit skilled locals!

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The Mars Colonization Program initiated by NASA has taken years. However, the Omar Swarms, the aborigines of this planet, have impeded human control due to their excitement about humans' arrival and how they perceive humans as scarce sources of food. Ultimately, to preserve the human race, humans must make Mars habitable since Earth is no longer the idyllic planet we once knew. To accomplish this mission, the General must eliminate the Swarms and establish a Base to protect individuals from imminent threats. Although the road towards this objective may be perilous and time-consuming, uncountable individuals will provide assistance. By using a calculated approach, you can become the mastermind behind the establishment of human civilization on Mars and be revered by future generations.


* Venture into unknown territories beyond your Base! Once your Exploration Progress attains 100%, you can expand your Base. Nonetheless, exercise caution as you may cross paths with massive alien sandworms and spiders!

* Strategically dispatch your troops to accomplish various missions! You can select the destination you wish to send your troops, and they will perform tasks such as cabin repairs, clearing ruins, and killing Swarms!

* Rescue the survivors in the aftermath of Swarm attacks and recruit them to join your cause! Constructing human civilization on Mars is no easy task, and you will require as much help as you can acquire.

* Recruit skilled Martians! Most of them were born on Mars and possess an in-depth understanding of the perilous situations we must face. They can undoubtedly be an asset to our cause!


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