Reality Runner

Reality Runner

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Embark on an endless 2D side-scrolling shooter gameplay through an alien world with power-ups, missions, a store, and original music.

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Embark on an exhilarating journey across a foreign, unearthly world that takes its cues from some of the most beloved sci-fi movies and comic strips ever created. Alongside our fearless protagonist, flee from reality and immerse yourself in this epic adventure.

This game boasts limitless 2D side-scrolling shooter gameplay, allowing you to navigate a spacecraft through treacherous obstacles and alien intruders. Destroy barriers or take aim at approaching foes to skyrocket your score and shoot your way through challenging missions for ultimate rewards. As you traverse this perilous terrain, collect various power-ups that will assist you on your voyage. Also, don't forget to gather Creative Juices to upgrade spacecraft and purchase additional ammunition in the store. The game has original music composed by the talented duo S+M.

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