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RC Heli 3

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Game overview

Fly Micro RC helicopters around a detailed 3D scenario; 4 physics simulations, cameras, race and score mode, realistic experience. Sync progress online.

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Attention all avid iPhone and iPad users! The exhilarating RC Heli game has made a triumphant return, and itโ€™s bringing a game-play revolution with it! Soar through intricately designed 3D scenarios with micro RC helicopters and quadcopters. Test your limits with the game's 4 difficulty modes that embody various physics simulations, ranging from the electronically assisted "Beginner" model to the hyper-realistic "Pro" level. RC Heli 3's robust engine provides a realistic simulator experience while simultaneously offering more straightforward, arcade-style gameplay.

Experience jaw-dropping realism with the newly introduced Ai-assisted Follow Camera that accurately tracks your vehicle's movements, immersing you in the flying experience. Players can choose between two challenging race modes: Race and Micro Race. In both modes, players must navigate through numerous cardboard checkpoints scattered across numerous realistic environments and climb the global leaderboards to earn the titular King of the Week title.

Stay in control of your progress with RC Heli 3's exciting new feature, FrozenAccount. Players can sync their progress and purchases with other soon-to-be-released RC products on different platforms. With upcoming months come new releases of additional race modes, vehicles, and environments.

Explore an immersive, detailed world that allows you to fly at a micro-scale. The game's advanced physics simulations are tailored to helicopter and drone playstyles. The electronic stabilization system provides beginners with an easy-to-grasp, yet incredibly realistic flying experience. Hunt for the perfect flight experience with free-flight, race, and micro-race modes. Pick and choose between various vehicles, wind simulations, and audio and visual options.

Dive into a world replete with audio and visual details, mixed with an incredible soundtrack. Stay tuned for the future release of multiplayer modes that are sure to take the flying experience to new heights. Unlock all the game's features and progress while syncing to upcoming Mac and PC versions of the game. The fun never stops with RC Heli 3.
Release date
Dec 23, 2014

Gameplay & Streams

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