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In "Ravengers," play as a vengeful raven chasing evil vultures around the world to reclaim your stolen possessions.

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In this action-packed game entitled "Ravengers," you'll play as a fierce raven who seeks revenge against the evil vultures that have ransacked your home and possessions. As the dark messenger of the skies, you will show the vultures not to mess with you by teaching them a valuable lesson. However, you won't be taking the direct route as you chase these carrion-eating thieves, but instead, you will follow a roundabout path.

You will travel across the world to seek your revenge, from the gorgeous scenery of Tokyo, to the bustling streets of Tehran, and even to the scorching depths of fiery volcanoes to retrieve what is rightfully yours from their unwavering talons. Whether it means dodging obstacles, performing daring stunts, or collecting precious items along the way, you will stop at nothing to get your revenge. The journey may be long and treacherous, but as a powerful and determined raven, you won't back down until you've achieved victory.
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