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Defend and rebuild the city of Ratropolis in this strategic tower defense card game with over 500 cards. Choose your leader wisely and prepare for adventure.

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Ratropolis presents the greatest of all rodent cities, which suffers from corrupt leaders and a swarm of infected beings. The stronghold was once a thriving metropolis, but the threat never ceases to loom. The remaining survivors await a savior with notable skills and intricate strategy to protect the new capital and refurbish the great metropolis of Ratropolis.

The game is a real-time strategic tower defense card game with emphasis on how the player chooses to protect the city. The demanding zombies never rest. Choose from over 500 cards that comprise the economy, military, and buildings. Choose wisely and shield the city.

Ratropolis features six different leaders with unique and significant abilities: Merchant, General, Architect, Scientist, Shaman, and Navigator. Each one carries a signature style that players can tailor their deck to. Choose wisely and reconstruct the capital city.

The game is addictive. Players experience fresh escapades every time they play, thanks to around one hundred different events available. Players are encouraged to follow their advisors' suggestions, which provide new effects and cards. The more players adventure, the more interested they become.

Protecting the settlement from enemies is never easy. The adversaries constantly provide harsher attacks, including challenging bosses. The foundation can become crushed, but not to worry- there will always be survivors awaiting with new hope.

Ratropolis provides a fun and easy-to-play experience free of cost. Survivors will continue living under the player's guidance, as they aim to defend the city from devastating invaders, and construct the greatest city of Ratropolis in history.

The game is also available on Steam for PC. Indulge in the perfect mix of real-time deck building and tower defense. Play Today!

System Requirements:

Minimum: CPU Dual-Core, 3GB RAM.
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Single player

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