Rank Insignia Super Explosion

Rank Insignia Super Explosion

Lucky Chan Games
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Game overview

Collect dozens of rank insignias & medals, choose from different branches and enjoy strategic gameplay in Rank Insignia Super Explosion.

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Get ready to experience a never-before-seen Game Rank Insignia style in the form of Super Explosion! Witness a breathtaking burst of energy that makes your heart feel magnificent. However, the game's original addictive nature remains unchanged.

Eager to relieve stress and sweep your enemies with flames? This game is perfect for you! It offers players the chance to enjoy a cool-off from daily stress, and competitive gameplay where you can obliterate foes with flames.

The game features dozens of different rank insignias and medals for players to collect - from Private to General. The fun doesn't stop there, however. You can enjoy collecting special medals too!

If you value strategic play, then Rank Insignia Super Explosion is sure to impress you. Players can choose from various branches for each rank, and making good use of these branches is the key to victory!

Rank Insignia Super Explosion is a simple game that delivers an incredibly addictive experience. The collection and growth of rank insignias, creates a great sense of immersion that will keep you hooked for hours on end.

This game is available for free, so why not indulge in collecting the coolest and most unique rank insignias today!

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Lucky Chan Games
Release date
Mar 03, 2021

Gameplay & Streams

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