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Rainbow Yggdrasil

Game overview

Explore the RGB-based auto-generated dungeons in the world of Rainbow Yggdrasil. Conquer monsters and enhance equipment to find the truth. Customizable skill sets and Twitter connectivity available.

Game description generated withAI

Rainbow Yggdrasil is a traditional roguelike game with a unique twist - color-changing. The player, monsters, and even dungeon change into different colors, transforming RGB into a critical parameter that affects both attack and defense. Experience this fresh game design by exploring the auto-generated dungeons that invite you to explore a labyrinth of endless possibility.

In Scenario mode, you will follow a girl as she discovers the truth of the world tree, Rainbow Yggdrasil, in a colorless universe. The game features a total of 30 dungeons with over ten hours of gameplay. The game modes offer a challenging experience, enhancing and synthesizing your items to compete for fastest clear times with players worldwide.

Rainbow Yggdrasil also boasts a customization feature that allows you to replace skill icons with your desired images so that you can craft your personalized skill sets. During gameplay, you can easily share your game with others on Twitter, so you can show off your skills, ask for gaming tips, or increase your followers.

The girl in Rainbow Yggdrasil has a set of parameters that includes RGB and HP. The girl's HP is her life, and once this depletes, the game ends. The RGB parameter affects her attack and defense, and the girl's color changes when you pick up an Emotion Seed item.

Soulsphere equipment enhances your gameplay by adding more parameters of RGB. The girl can equip Soulspheres, and each sphere has unique power, with similar RGB colors optimizing the power level of each soul.

Use Memorybits to unlock special moves, such as area attacks and attack increases. The parameters of RGB in the Memorybits greatly influence the power of skills. Monsters that appear in Rainbow Yggdrasil also have RGB parameters that affect the flow of the game. Each parameter on the girl, including equipment and opponent monsters, has color relationships that change the course of gameplay.

The player wakes up in Rainbow Yggdrasil, a vast world of nothingness with the massive world tree shining with different colors. The player's goal is to explore this world and understand the truth behind it by making their way to the tree.

Rainbow Yggdrasil is a game that will keep you playing for hours with its endless labyrinth of auto-generated dungeons, unique parameter-based gameplay, and massive customization options. It requires Android OS 8, and it's available on our website, Twitter account, game teaser site, and Google Play Store.
Otorakobo Inc.
Release date
Sep 11, 2020
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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