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Game overview

Protect your airspace in Radar Commander! Manage weapons and protect your radar site against enemies. Compete globally and utilize power-ups to perfect your strategy.

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Get ready to conquer the skies with Radar Commander! Assume control of the airspace and safeguard your radar site from multiple enemy attacks by skillfully managing your weapons. Compete with other commanders and climb up the leaderboard to prove your mastery over the game.
Experience an immersive and detailed soundscape with a highly polished GUI that will transport you to the heart of the action.

The game offers three highly effective weapons, each with a unique shape and purpose. The Red shape CIWS provides automatic and close-range defence, effectively shooting down enemies and missiles with ease. The Blue shape Missiles lock onto up to three targets and launch advanced and highly accurate long-range missiles. The Yellow shape Artillery launches powerful and high-explosive shells that can cause widespread area damage, making it a perfect choice for covering large areas.

The game mechanics are further enhanced with the tactical drops of strategically important power-ups from the supply planes. Manage and utilize these power-ups wisely to gain an added advantage during crucial moments.

The game fully supports multitouch and enables extreme weapon management. On iPad, you can even enjoy the game with a friend by sharing the weapons to control.

The best part about Radar Commander - there are no in-app purchases, banner ads, or video ads to interrupt the experience. Purchase once and unlock the full potential of the game. Get ready to enter the exciting world of Radar Commander and dominate the airspace like never before!
Release date
Jul 23, 2016

Gameplay & Streams

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