Race: Rocket Arena Car Extreme

Race: Rocket Arena Car Extreme

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Game overview

R.A.C.E - Rocket Arena Car Extreme" is an action-packed mobile game set in a post-apocalyptic world featuring epic battles, survival races, and fierce car battles.

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R.A.C.E is an action-packed mobile game that takes place in a world ravaged by a post-apocalyptic setting filled with formidable steel monsters and intense battles. Experience the ultimate survival racing simulator filled with car battles and races in this online mobile game. Manage, upgrade and control your car to perform at the highest level. Engage in 3D battles that offer realistic rage and survival races. This game allows you to explore the depths of your skills where you decide the rules on the track as you drift, drag, collide, fire, and overtake to emerge as the ultimate winner. Mandatory Nitro Boost ensures you hurl past your competitors while collecting turbo to leave all other cars behind.

Experience fast and action-packed racing that is nothing short of epic in 3D. Monster trucks, powerful engines, drifting, and damaging collisions make a worthy game. Speed is what defines this game, as it is filled with epic explosions, effects, and destructions. The press of the nitro button only triggers the adrenaline rush further, letting your enemies breathe dust. The game dynamics offer a change of day and night, giving you a real sense of the neon signs and tricks. With graphics settings, you can change the way you enjoy your gameplay without compromising quality and smoothness.

The ultimate race battle experience awaits you! Choose your monster truck, your arena, and your rules. Participate in arena battles and dive straight into the real action to burn out your enemies. Race them into fire traps, huge morgensterns, chainsaws, and other destructive obstacles. This game provides you with an action movie-like racing experience that is lit with survival races and battles on wheels.

With battles of different historical epochs, expect nothing less than the best-enemy-beaten experience. The crazy and dangerous driving tactics earn you real points in this racing game as risks are appreciated to beat your enemies. Customise your weapons ranging from missiles to bombs, machine guns, and various electric weapons.

Expect the best arena race vehicles in the game. The action-packed races will earn you rewards to collect ultimate off-road race cars. With American muscle cars, European classics, and Japanese drift vehicles, this game avails everything you need to inflict maximal damage to your opponents. The vehicles available to you have been equipped with upgrade features to cope with any off-road condition.

Level up your vehicles with the customized level-up system that allows you to leverage the perks each vehicle attains as they grow levels 10, 20, and 30. The unique body kits that come with these levels improve race and battle performance, rendering you an advantage against your opponents.

Fuel up on adrenaline as this action game requires none of the hindrances other games present. Unlike in real life, you wouldn't have to wonder if the tank is full or half-empty as this game operates in a positive attitude where the tank is always full. You can rush at full throttle without any limits, and you wouldn't have to wait on energy to restore for your car to start racing.

Experience the battle royale racing game as you take part in the race to become the all-time champion. Upgrade your weapons and super skills to emerge as the first and claim the main reward; the all-time champion title. Unique music specially designed to correspond to the speed and explosive competition is enjoyed in the game. Additionally, realistic 3D graphics with unique car skins, colorful and vibrant drawings, and car stickers provide delightful gameplay.

R.A.C.E offers four race game modes which include battle arena mode - battle royale racing, career mode - race career campaign, battle racing mode - racing vehicles special mode, and tournaments mode - racing for the greatest rewards. Play the racing game, upgrade your cars, crush your enemies, win prizes, and become a king of survival races. The car shooter game is at your fingertips, on your mobile phone or tablet, always with you!
Release date
Nov 30, 2021
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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