QuizPoker: Mix of Quiz and Poker

QuizPoker: Mix of Quiz and Poker

Siwalu Software GmbH
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Game overview

QuizPoker combines quiz and poker elements, with each player giving an answer to guessing questions. Bet chips in four rounds to win. Play alone or online.

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Challenge your knowledge in various fields or trick your opponents with your wit in the ultimate game of QuizPoker!

Unlike traditional poker games, QuizPoker utilizes questions that players need to answer to win chips. Based on the rules of Texas Holdem Poker, players engage in four rounds of betting where the player who has the answer closest to the correct one emerges victorious. Even newcomers to the game can quickly comprehend the rules.

Enthralling questions and clues await you at every turn! QuizPoker offers various pop culture, sports, history, and other topics, with frequent updates to increase the number of questions players can challenge their minds to.

Dominate your rivals by answering guessing rounds with impressive accuracy or use your intellect to outsmart your opponents and claim their chips to ascend triumphantly. Customize your game settings, such as the number of players you'll compete against or the difficulty level of offline opponents to experience a personalized game.

Access personal stats to observe your progress and share them with your friend. You can take your QuizPoker experience up a notch and challenge players worldwide through the game's online multiplayer mode. Create a game room or join one to challenge the community members.

During a QuizPoker game, you receive a guessing question that you must answer correctly to win chips from your rivals. For instance, the question might be, "What year was musician Elton John born?" After submitting your answer via the input field, you will enter into the initial betting phase. If you are unsure about the accuracy of your answer, you can choose not to bet chips and wait for clues.

Once the first hint is presented, you can either raise, call, or fold depending on how confident you are in your answer. The game continues with additional hints and betting rounds until the correct answer is unveiled. If you possess the answer closest to the correct one, you will win all the chips bet on that round, and your opponents' chips as well if you're that lucky!
Siwalu Software GmbH
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