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QuestRun: Addictive, fast-paced RPG roguelike with 15 heroes, 60 monsters, challenging dungeons, and colorful graphics. Perish in glory, start again!

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Are you a fan of old school RPGs but tired of lengthy dialogues and scenario based text? QuestRun is the perfect remedy for you! With a modern twist on the classic RPG battle systems, QuestRun is a fast-paced game that dives straight to the action-packed gameplay. Say goodbye to boredom and hello to thrilling dungeon battles.

In QuestRun, you will explore a plethora of themed dungeons and engage in intense battles with over 60 monsters ready to challenge you. Play as 15 different characters and equip them with powerful items to level up and push them to their limits.

Your heroes will face various perils in their quests to achieve glory, but sometimes those quests result in untimely, premature deaths. But don't worry, you'll get the chance to apply new strategies, try different heroes, and explore new challenges each time you begin again.

Experience the colorful and vivid graphics of QuestRun's dark dungeons, icy mountains, fiery plains, and more. The game is highly addictive and semi-randomized, providing endless fun and challenges that will keep you engaged in a thrilling, roguelike adventure!
Phoenix Online Studios LLC
Release date
Mar 11, 2015
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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