Queen Rules

Queen Rules

Juan Gabriel Palomino Garcia
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Game overview

Hypnotic puzzle game made of FIMO clay characters, defeat the curse set by an evil witch. 156 challenging but fun levels. Participate in tournaments to earn recognition and honor.

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Step into a mesmerizing world made entirely of FIMO clay characters in this captivating puzzle game. Logic and planning are your vehicles as you take on the challenge of breaking a dark curse set in motion by an evil witch. The charming atmosphere of this world, led by benevolent King and Queen, will keep you hooked as you progress through levels and kingdoms, each increasingly challenging with its unique puzzles.

The game starts out simple and intuitive, allowing you to swipe soldiers across rows and columns to reach the end-goal of keeping all of them down to ones. As the game progresses, new mechanics are revealed, and the soldiers become more powerful and lively, bringing a whole new level of strategy to the game.

But don't worry- the game is family-friendly, and you can even play with a friend or child, making use of their input to solve these puzzles. The art, which was painstakingly crafted by Larissa Honsek from clay, is outstanding and makes the game captivating for all ages.

The Tournament Games have just been announced, and all valiant Knights are cordially invited to compete for a lifetime of honor and gifts. You can participate in two tournament modalities: The Movement Tournaments and the Time Tournaments. In The Movement Tournaments, the best knight is the one who completes a level with the fewest moves. In The Time Tournaments, the best knight is the one who completes the designated level with the least amount of time.

In addition to participating in the Tournament Games, knights can receive badges for completing the most challenging achievements, making them the most honorable Knights of all. Remember, only Knights with Game Center accounts are eligible to participate.

With an entirely new game design and 156 unique levels, this puzzle game is an excellent source of family-friendly entertainment. It is easy and satisfying to learn but challenging to beat. Plus, its slow pace allows you to retake levels as many times as needed to beat them, making the gameplay stress-free and supremely enjoyable.

So, do you believe you have what it takes to compete with the best knights for a lifetime of honor and gifts? Your attendance and participation are respectfully requested, and your journey to the Tournament Games commences now.
Juan Gabriel Palomino Garcia
Release date
Nov 03, 2020
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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