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Quantum Maki

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2033. Pilot "Ritters" take on a world power whose theft of extraterrestrial tech has sparked a global conflict using quantum mechs in an epic bullet-hell RPG.

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Get ready to experience a 3D, original mech-based RPG shooting game with intricate bullet patterns. It is the year 2033, and the discovery of Babel's Tower, a behemoth of extraterrestrial technology, has granted humanity previously unthinkable technological leaps. However, this has also instigated a global war for world domination - Empires stealing from the Tower and scheming ways to utilize its power. In response, pilots known as "Ritters" wield special weaponry called "Quantum Machinations" to execute complicated, high-risk missions. Witness a new era of human evolution unfold.

Enjoy exhilarating bullet-pattern-based battles with effortless controls that always unleash beautiful actions. Evade a storm of gunshots and seize the chance to turn the tables, firing the victorious shots at your adversaries. Auto modes also make for an easy experience, so players of all levels can engage in bullet pattern-based shooting.

Experience the awe-inspiring battles up close with high-quality 3D models exhibiting a variety of skills. Command a dynamic, one-of-a-kind original mech and relish in the glitzy action sequences. You can savor the captivating battle simulations packed with attention to detail.

The game contains abundant contents, with various modes such as story, battle, interactions with Ritters, and the construction of bases, to keep players engaged. The development system is also profound, with plenty of max-out options.

More than thirty exclusive, original mechs are available. These come with innovative designs, customizable coatings, and unique abilities from their distinct armaments. Carefully evaluate the battlefield, improvise tactics and ensure your leadership skills shine as you assemble teams to execute your plans.

Get to know the Ritters by conversing with their 3D models, and appreciate the painstakingly crafted 2D artworks. Forge deep bonds with these distinctive characters and gain insights into their personalities. Increasing your approval rating may even reveal shocking revelations from their past.

Recommended configuration: Android 8 or higher; devices with at least 2GB RAM and 5GB of free storage space.

Please note that updates and resource renewals may take some time. We highly recommend updating your WiFi devices to maintain a stable communication environment.

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