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Explore geometry with 330+ tasks on squared paper, covering topics from parallels to Pythagoras, and train your mind while having fun.

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Explore geometry in a fun and interactive way with Pythagorea. This fascinating game offers over 330 tasks, ranging from simple to challenging geometric puzzles. Discover 25 different subjects and 70 geometric terms in the app's glossary, all while easily training your mind and imagination.

All objects in Pythagorea are drawn on a grid made up of square cells, so you don't need complex constructions or calculations to solve the puzzles. Instead, you can use your intuition or natural laws, regularity, and symmetry to solve the problems.

The game is easy to use, with a friendly interface and no need for any sophisticated instruments. You can construct straight lines and segments and set points in line intersections - it's that simple. But don't be fooled, Pythagorea provides an infinite number of interesting problems and unexpected challenges that will keep you on your toes.

If you forget a definition, Pythagorea has got you covered. Use the app's glossary to find any definitions you need, or simply tap on the Info ("i") button to find the definition of any term used in the problem conditions.

Whether you're a seasoned geometry pro or just starting your journey, Pythagorea is the perfect game for exploring new methods and tricks and testing your geometric intuition. The game covers most of the ideas and concepts of elementary geometry, making it an excellent tool for renewing and testing your knowledge.

Pythagorea also offers a wonderful opportunity to introduce children to mathematics and discover the beauty and naturalness of geometric constructions together.

The game covers a wide range of topics, including length, distance, and area, parallels and perpendiculars, angles and triangles, Pythagorean Theorem, circles and tangents, parallelograms, symmetry, reflection, and rotation, among others.

Pythagoras of Samos, the Greek philosopher and mathematician, inspired the name of this game. The Pythagorean Theorem, which states that in a right-angled triangle, the sum of the areas of the squares of the other two sides is equal to the area of the square on the hypotenuse, is one of the most famous geometric facts. Pythagorea's puzzles often involve right angles and rely on the Pythagorean Theorem, making the game a fitting tribute to Pythagoras.

Overall, Pythagorea is a must-have for anyone interested in geometrics and a great way to enrich your understanding of this fascinating subject.
Release date
Jun 30, 2016
Single player

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Pythagorea (Level 1) Length and Distancegames
Pythagorea 2.16John D'Orazio
Pythagorea 2.19John D'Orazio
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