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Game overview

Puzzle Strike is an interactivity-heavy, Fantasy Strike Universe-themed deckbuilding game with a puzzle twist! Play against human or AI opponents.

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Puzzle Strike is an addictively entertaining game with a puzzle format, featuring an array of Fantasy Strike characters. The game borrows inspiration from classic puzzle games like Puzzle Fighter and tasks each player with collecting gems in their gem pile. The player whose pile is filled first will be the loser. The game offers players the opportunity to improve their deck by purchasing new chips when the game unfolds. Whether you go for offense or an intricate engine, ensure you adapt to your opponents. Compared to other deckbuilders, Puzzle Strike has lots of interactivity.

The latest iOS version introduces new features that offer an exciting playing experience. Cross-platform play allows players on iOS, Steam, or the web version to enjoy the game together on FantasyStrike.com. Additionally, the game has chips that are four times the resolution as the web version, which improves the visual experience. Players can climb up the leaderboards in Quick Match and analyze replays of top performers to hone their skills. The new Puzzle Challenge mode provides advanced character tactics, allowing players to develop creative solutions outside the box. Completing daily quests will earn players Jewels, which they can use to enjoy "Puzzle Smash," a high-powered version of Puzzle Strike.

Puzzle Strike has all 48 Puzzle chips from both Puzzle Strike Third Edition and Puzzle Strike: Shadows, including promo chips such as Combinatorics, Dashing Strike, and Custom Combo. For the first time, players can practice offline against AI Puzzlebots. Furthermore, the game supports various languages, including English, French, and Japanese. Soon, German localization will be available. The base game comes with four characters, including Grave, Jaina, Midori, and Setsuki. Players will have access to an additional fourteen characters in-app purchases.

With strategic gameplay, intricate challenges, and the opportunity to fully customize your deck, Puzzle Strike is perfect for competitive players of all ages. The game is designed to hold up to thousands of games at the expert level, ensuring every player gets an equal chance to compete.
Sirlin Games
Release date
Feb 03, 2016
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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