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Puzzle & Dragons: a match-3 Puzzle RPG featuring an epic fantasy adventure with no social elements or in-app purchases, to recruit, train, battle and conquer creatures.

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PUZZLE & DRAGONS is an exciting Puzzle RPG, downloaded over 90 million times globally. This extensive game offers epic fantasy adventures and match-3 puzzle play to battle your way through deadly dungeons. You can recruit allies, improve your team, and conquer the fiercest creatures to explore a vast, mysterious land. Unlike other games, it offers a complete standalone experience, with no social elements or in-app purchases. Enjoy the story at your pace, collecting and improving your creatures and teams.

The puzzle play of PUZZLE & DRAGONS is intuitive and straightforward. You need to match three or more orbs of the same color, either vertically or horizontally, to remove them. With clever orb movement, you can chain together exhilarating combos and command your allied creatures to attack the enemy. Matching five or more orbs adds to the power of your attack and can target multiple enemies at once. Be mindful of the elements and vulnerabilities of your allies and enemies to battle more appropriately.

As a player, you need to face and conquer fearsome creatures to progress in this game. Skilled puzzle play can unleash even more potent attacks. The allied and enemy creatures come with various characteristics, such as cuteness, coolness, and ferocity, and are equipped with unique abilities. You can gather materials by encountering creatures in dungeons, create new allied creatures, choose your favourites, and form your unique teams.

Brace yourself for the adventure as you join as a Root Hunter! You will explore a wild continent and uncover the hidden cause underlying Libra's devastation. PUZZLE & DRAGONS offers regular content updates, such as new dungeons and creatures, making this game an evergreen experience for gamers worldwide. Improve your allies and raise your creatures to reveal more exciting content updates in this vast and mysterious fantasy land.
Release date
Dec 05, 2023
Single player

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