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Embark on a magical adventure and collect famous opera heroines as cards in the anime-style card game Pure White Chorus.

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Indulge in the magical world of Pure White Chorus, a unique anime-inspired card development game. Embark on a thrilling adventure with your squad of opera girls, as you lead them towards the discovery of the "Genesis Symphony," the only hope to traverse the destinies of the pure white world. To make things even more exciting, the game has collaborated with popular VTubers, Mizuki and Natsukoyou, breaking all dimensional barriers in a first-of-its-kind crossover. As the conductor of the squad, it's now your responsibility to maneuver them through battles and challenges to claim glory!

In Pure White Chorus, players assume the role of a conductor, leading various characters concocted from classic works of literature to discover clues about the "Genesis Symphony." The game designers have infused RogueLike elements into the level design, making each adventure unique and exhilarating.

Explore four lands infused with chord melodies extracted from timeless operas, such as "Swan Lake," "The
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